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Organic Food and drink is up 37% since 2010. The US consumer spent $43.3bn in 2015. CAGR for the sector is poised to increase to 16.6% till 2025 worth over $456bn.

The verdict is in, we need to develop a new strategy for our global food sector and the future is Organic.

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Commercial Organic AgBiz Management Solutions is a consultancy and advisory service that uses the latest technology to develop bespoke solutions for our clients with the utmost of confidentiality.

Our services range from field trials, market analysis, supply chain, procurement, farm development and environmental and business sustainability. We advocate the use of Geospatial software in agribusiness combining science and farming to reach maximum profit whilst keeping up with consumer trends.


Paaristha Oomadath

Paaristha Oomadath is the Principal Consultant for Commercial Organic Agri-Management Solutions which is a consultancy that offers advisory, research and practical solutions to commercial organic farming and biz. Previously, she worked as chief operations manager for Golden Flowers Organic Pty Ltd, a company she championed that worked in a developing and emerging markets, working from farm to fork to supply the hospitality and retail sectors with exclusive affordable products. She has over twenty years of extensive experience in hospitality, agriculture and environmental sustainability in Europe and Africa. She has a wealth of knowledge, intense passion and a driven commitment to maintaining herself as a driving force for change and new product development in the food sector. Project Developer with extensive organizational experience. Proven track record in developing and implementing campaigns and strategies with international and national organizations. Excellent communications and relationship building skills. Adept at leading teams to deliver agreed goals whilst managing through influence and pragmatic abilities.

Her core competencies include: Organic Agri-Business Management Project Management Research and Development Product, Farm and General Management New Product Development Consultancy and Advisory Strategic Operational Planning and Analysis Highly competent negotiator Commercial Acumen Supplier Relationship Management Supply Chain Management Results and solutions focused Other areas of expertise include global food commodity markets, quality ingredients, nutrition, international fresh produce trade, procurement, and supply research and advisory, climate change, crop and plant science. Golden Flowers was a producer of exclusive edible flowers, organic processed goods including heirloom fruits, nuts, and vegetables which are all grown and processed on the farmlands, reducing costs, thus allowing us to compete in the commercial market. Her skills and experiences gained in both the agricultural and hospitality sectors in diverse locations have polished her operational methodology which has facilitated constant growth and profit whilst maintaining superior quality. She has experience in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom (London and Bath), Netherlands (Amsterdam) and South Africa (Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape. Her interests also include employing research techniques for supply chain, identifying areas of wastage (cost cutting), applying comprehensive understanding of crop and meat production, seed to harvest, seasonal, global seasonal markets, farm to fork (including methods used to ripen, soften and preserve) and transporting produce, as well as factors which can subsequently affect quality and taste of the final presented product.

She has previously worked as a freelance geological consultant, climate change researcher with water and sanitation in East/Southern Africa. She has also managed the South African Peace Network since September 2012 until March 2016, as a Director, involved in food security, peace building, nutrition and environmental sustainability. Previously, commissioned as a researcher on climate change adaptation, sanitation, water, renewable energy systems and bio-gas in East/Southern Africa. In 1997, she worked at South African Parks Board (Government) as a trainee Park Ranger and Environmental Educator.


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